Registration Of A Marriage Abroad

There is no provision for the registration of the marriage of a South African citizen solemnized in a foreign country.

The Department of Home Affairs may however be informed of the marriage, so that the marital status and surname, if it has changed, of a South African citizen to be updated on the Population Register.

The following documents must be submitted to register the marriage:

  1. A letter / written request containing the applicants full contact details such as address, mobile phone number and email address;
  2. Certified copy of the applicant’s South African passport/identity document/birth certificate;
  3. Certified copy of the foreign marriage certificate accompanied by an English translation by a sworn translator if the original marriage certificate is not in English;

There is no application fee for the registration of a marriage with the Department of Home Affairs, no certificate would be issued.

Person’s whose surnames have changed, may apply for a tourist passport and/or identity document, reflecting the married surname.

Current legislation stipulates that female married applicants may elect to use their married surname, their maiden surname, a combination of both current married surname and maiden surname i.e. double-barrel surname or any other surname which she bore at any prior time, without having to formally apply for change of surname.

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