Birth Certificate application (unabridged)

Completion of form BI-154 and DHA-154 form in full is required.

NOTE: Details on the application must be supplied according to the registration at birth and not of names assumed within the family. Where a name change has taken place in South Africa through the Department of Home Affairs, a copy of the approval letter or new amended certificate is required.

The following fees are applicable:

Birth Certificate: Non-refundable fee of AUD 9.00 for each certificate.

Payment must be in Australian Dollars (AUD) made out to the "South African High Commission" by way of Postal Money Order or Bank Cheque. One bank cheque or Postal Money Order for the total amount / whole family is preferred.

Personal cheques or credit cards are NOT accepted. Incorrect payment will not be accepted; in case of incorrect payment the cheque or postal money order will be returned to applicant.

Return Postage:

  • For applications originating from within Australia - a Self-addressed Express or Registered Post Envelope (only one envelope per family).

Postal Address:

South African High Commission
State Circle

Please note that the South African authorities will only process those applications completed IN FULL DETAIL. Identity number or birth entry number must be supplied where possible.

Copy(ies) of any previous birth certificate(s) issued should be included to facilitate the tracing and processing of the record.

Birth records date back only to the year 1901.

The tracing of original records in the register held by the Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria is a time consuming task with the result processing of applications are likely to take approximately 12 months or longer. Due to the nature of these applications, we do not accept telephone inquiries on the progress of the applications.

If you wish advice on family research, you may contact the following genealogists:

  • Valda Napier
    PO Box 4882
    Randburg 2125
    Republic of South Africa
    +27(011) 787 7820

  • Knowledge Tec
    Private Bag X41
    Pretoria 0001
    Republic of South Africa

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