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Your assistance in the completion of these South African Passport or Identity Book applications is greatly appreciated.

This Mission has previously obtained the permission of the Police Commissioner in each state and territory for fingerprints to be taken on the attached form BI-9. These fingerprints are for South African Identification purposes only NOT for visa applications or for Australian criminal record check. It has also been confirmed with the respective Police Commissioners that the fees charged for this service will be considerably less than those for visa issue or criminal record checks (NSW POLICE - NSW Police Service Handbook page F-7 refers).

Guidelines to the Police Officer taking fingerprints:

Form BI-9:

The "FOR OFFICIAL USE" box must be completed by the officer taking the prints with "BLACK INK" stating the name and rank-number. Kindly also stamp the police stations official stamp if available. All prints taken in BLACK ink must be clearly rolled to expose all details of the print. The only non-rolled prints are the 'plain prints', which are the four fingers (NOT PALMS) flat. The Department of Home Affairs has specified that all prints submitted must be clearly rolled, exposing the ridges, cores and deltas. No classification of the prints is required. Please ensure that the applicant has signed and dated the reverse side of the form in the General Section at the bottom of the form.


Please certify two (2) photographs of the applicant by writing the initials and surname of the applicant on the back of each photo (Black, White or Color) with your signature and stamp. If you stamp the photos please do not place them together whilst wet as this often leaves marks on the photo rendering them invalid for use in the application.

On completion of these formalities please return the forms to the applicant so they may forward them with their other supporting documentation to the South African High Commission in Canberra for processing of their application.

Your assistance in the completion of these formalities is gratefully acknowledged.

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