South African Visas & Permits

New Zealand Applicants

Every country has the sovereign right to decide who may or may not enter its territory. Possession of a visa does not guarantee automatic admission to the Republic of South Africa.

It only authorizes the holder to proceed to the Republic to report to an immigration officer at a port of entry for the purpose of being examined as to his / her ability or otherwise, to comply with the entry requirements.

The purpose of a visa on the one hand is to ensure proper screening of applicants so that undesirable persons are not admitted to the Republic and on the other hand to facilitate the entry of approved applicants at South African ports of entry.

Visas provide immigration officers with the necessary information to ensure that applicants are admitted for the correct purpose and period into the RSA.

Persons who are in Australia on short term visas (holiday, etc.), will not be accommodated for visa applications as they must apply for visas to visit South Africa from their countries of origin.

Australian & NZ passport holders do not require a visa to visit South Africa for ninety (90) days for holiday / business purposes. Should they wish to stay more than ninety (90) days, they should apply for an extension at the nearest Department of Home Affairs office inside the country at least 30 days prior to the expiry of the original permit. Only one extension may be permitted.

Please check if you need a visa to travel to South Africa:  Countries subject to visas.

Check to see if you need to pay for your visa: Visa Fees

You need a yellow fever immunization certificate if you traveled through one of the following countries: Yellow Fever Countries

Visas, Permits and Transit Visas:

  1. Visitor's Visa
  2. Visitors Permit
  3. Transit Visa
  4. Study Permit
  5. Student Exchange Permit
  6. Intra-Company Transfer
  7. Business Permit (existing business)
  8. Business Permit (new business)
  9. Work Permit
  10. Medical Permit
  11. Retired Person Permit (non working)
  12. Retired Person Permit (working)
  13. Relatives Permit
  14. Academics, Researchers and Sabbaticals
  15. Volunteer Permit
  16. Quota Work Permit
  17. Medical Elective Student

Permanent Resident Applications

Anyone wishing to apply for permanent residence in South Africa should contact the Mission for forms to be posted to them.

Please view our contact page for our Consular hours.

For forms and further information, please contact us via our contact page.

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